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This is a question parents face often – at what age is it appropriate to begin taking kids to the dentist for regular professional cleanings?

The short answer is this: as soon as their first tooth appears, or no later after their first birthday.

But with only one tooth in their mouth, why is it important to get your kids in to see the dentist?

Taking kids to the dentist early – and regularly – in life will instill in them the importance of good oral health. It’s estimated that the cost of maintaining restored cavities is around $2,100 if a person gets a cavity at age 10 and lives to 79.

But by taking your children to the dentist as soon as their first tooth appears, they’ll understand the importance of oral hygiene throughout their entire lives. It will also reduce the risk of your children becoming afraid of the dentist – a condition that prevents millions of Americans per year from getting the dental care they need.

It might seem excessive to take an eight-month old to the dentist, but pediatric dentists like Dr. Richard C. Quinttus specialize in making sure that children have a positive, uplifting dental experience, and get the cleaning they need. Pediatric dentists are highly trained in how to deal with younger children.

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