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Solea® Soft Tissue Laser

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Dental Care Reinvented

For several years, dental lasers have been transforming dental care into something we almost thought was unimaginable. At Rahn Dental Group, we have taken laser dentistry to the next level. How, you ask? Say “hello” to Solea®, a powerful dental laser like no other. Here at our office, the comfort and care of our patients is our number one priority, which is why we are proud to now be a Solea® dental practice. In short, Solea® provides pain-free, noise-free dental care. This means that there is no need for anesthesia, no needles, no drills, and no dental anxiety! If the thought of getting a shot or hearing a dental drill makes you cringe or experience fear, come visit Drs. Quinttus, Budde, and Sullivan today and see how Solea® can give you an unparalleled dental experience.

What is Solea®?

Solea laser system

Solea® is the first CO2 dental laser that the FDA has approved for both hard and soft tissue procedures. Developed by Convergent Dental in Boston, Massachusetts, this unique dental laser is designed to give both the patient and the doctor a faster, more efficient, and more comfortable treatment. By using variable wavelengths and computerized controls, each action is reliable and accurate, treating only the affected areas and avoiding healthy tissue. Both dentists and patients love how Solea® can improve treatment efficiency and patient care.

Solea® in a Nutshell

Solea laser dentistry tool

Solea® is the dental miracle you have been waiting for. To help you get a quick idea of what this machine can do, here are a few key points:

  • Anesthesia-Free Treatment : Most treatments with Solea® can be performed without anesthesia, which means no needles and no post-treatment numbness! Solea® works in a way that makes your treatment virtually painless without using anesthesia – amazing!
  • Faster Treatment : Solea® offers variable wavelengths that can cut through hard and soft tissue faster than any other dental laser. Because treatments are faster, you have less time in the dental chair and can get back to your day in minutes.
  • Sound-Free Treatment : Because Solea® works so fast and is a laser instead of a drill, it is virtually silent. Not having high-pitched drills screeching in your ears makes for a more relaxing and comfortable procedure.
  • Complete Care : Because Solea® is so fast and can treat both hard and soft tissue, most treatments can be 100% completed in a single visit.
  • Blood-Free Treatment : Solea® requires no incisions and no sutures, which means no blood. While most other dental lasers will claim to be blood and incision-free, Solea® is true to its word.

To learn more about how using the Solea® dental laser in Dayton, Ohio can improve dental care for patients of all ages, you can contact Rahn Dental Group today.