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Snoring Treatment Can Protect Your Family’s Ears

Hand holding a snore guard

Do you regularly snore so loudly that it wakes up your entire family and leaves you sleeping on the couch? Our dentists at Rahn Dental Group can help you achieve quiet rest here in Dayton. We offer comfortable, customized oral appliances that can alleviate your snoring – all you have to do to get started is contact our office.

Why Do I Snore?

Man sleeping soundly in bed

Snoring is very common among adults. It’s actually caused by an obstruction in your airway, such as overly large tonsils, a tongue that tends to roll to the back of the throat, or bodily tissues that collapse over the opening. Over time, untreated snoring can develop into sleep apnea and other serious health conditions, which is why you should seek help as soon as possible.

Our oral appliances are successful at treating snoring because they keep the mouth open and free of any dangerous obstructions. Our team will do everything we can to ensure that the appliance fits well and feels comfortable. After all, we want this adjustment to not only result in more peaceful sleep, but an improved healthy lifestyle as well!

You don’t have to settle for years of frustrating snoring. Trust in the team at Rahn Dental Group to give you plenty of new reasons to smile.