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Pediatric Dentistry Helps Little Smiles Shine

Smiling young girl in dental chair

At Rahn Dental Group, we are determined to help your family have the beautiful smiles you deserve. Our dentists understand that a big part of maintaining a beautiful smile happens at home.

Aside from monitoring the health of your child’s teeth, Drs. Quinttus, Budde, and Sullivan will use appointments with your child to familiarize him or her with visiting the dentist’s office. For more information on pediatric dentistry in Dayton, Ohio, please call us today.

We love welcoming children to our friendly dental practice! We are proud to provide pediatric dentistry to help you keep your child’s smile healthy. When you bring your child to our practice, we will provide them with gentle preventive care, carefully cleaning their teeth and checking for any developing dental problems like cavities. Our team is experienced and gentle, and we work hard to help your child feel comfortable and safe while visiting our dentists. If you have any questions about your child’s oral health and development, please feel free to speak with us during your visit or by calling our office.

Dental Sealants

Young boy receiving dental treatment

When children are first starting to learn how to brush and floss, it can be difficult to reach certain areas of the mouth, such as the molars and premolars. As a result, these areas are especially prone to tooth decay over time. Thankfully, dental sealants can serve as an easy and comfortable barrier along the chewing surfaces, keeping out cavity-causing food particles and bacteria.

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Fluoride Treatments

Child receiving fluoride treatments

Fluoride is a very valuable mineral when it comes to dental health – in fact, studies show that regular exposure to it can result in a stronger, healthier smile over time! Here in Dayton, our team is likely to recommend professional fluoride applications for your son or daughter in order to keep their teeth safe and shining.

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We invite you to bring your child to meet with our dentists every six months for regular dental exams and cleanings. For more information on pediatric dentistry and to schedule an appointment, contact our office at (937) 435-0324 today!