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Our team at Rahn Dental Group can provide a wide array of treatments and services for all your oral health care needs, but we would prefer to keep you coming back for regularly scheduled cleanings rather than tooth replacements due to constant injuries. It is important to avoid any risks that could damage or ever destroy your precious teeth.

Don’t let an oral accident ruin your smile. Listed below are some important oral health care safety tips:

– Do not open anything with the use of your teeth. This is a guaranteed way to give yourself an oral injury and break or crack a few teeth.
– When you unconsciously grind your teeth, a disorder called bruxism, you can slowly wear down your teeth over time. Rahn Dental Group can offer treatment plans for bruxism.
– Biting on your nails could potentially chip or crack your teeth, not to mention the added risk of all sorts of harmful bacteria and germs being introduced to your mouth.
– Tongue piercings may seem fashionable and cool for many but a simple accident could spell disaster for your lips, teeth, and gums. Metal parts can bust loose and become choking risks or chip and crack your teeth.
– If you engage in any sports or practice any extreme stunts, always make sure to wear a mouth guard or facemask. A single blow to the head can easily knock out multiple teeth or dislocate your jaw.

If you need to schedule an appointment with Drs. Quinttus, Budde, and Sullivan, our dentists in Dayton, Ohio, please call our office at (937) 435-0324. We are here to assist you with all your oral health care needs!