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Implant-Retained Bridge – Dayton, OH

Bridge Dental Gaps with Long-Lasting Implants

Woman with dental implants in Dayton smiling

Do you hate looking in the mirror and always noticing your dental gap? Missing consecutive teeth can be a major source of embarrassment and negatively impact your daily life in multiple ways. Fortunately, dental implants in Dayton can restore your smile and boost your self-confidence. You don’t even need one implant for each missing tooth! At Rahn Dental Group, we can rebuild your smile for the long term with an implant-supported bridge.

If you want to reclaim the full, confident smile you deserve, contact our expert team today to schedule an initial consultation for dental implants.

Two Consecutive Missing Teeth

Single dental implant restoring two missing teeth

Missing even a single tooth can lead to bite problems and oral hygiene challenges. If you are missing two teeth in a row, it is even more urgent that you restore your smile. Dental implants can help! Just one dental implant can usually support a small bridge made up of two joined artificial teeth. 

Three or More Consecutive Missing Teeth

Implant-supported bridge replacing three missing teeth

When replacing three or more consecutive missing teeth in Dayton, there are significant differences between traditional bridges and implant-supported bridges. Here is how each restorative option works:

  • Traditional bridge – Consists of two dental crowns with one or more artificial teeth in between them. The crowns are bonded to the two healthy teeth on either side of the dental gap. These healthy teeth must be shaved down so that the crowns can fit on top of them.
  • Implant-retained bridge – Two dental implants at both ends of a bridge firmly anchor the replacement teeth and crowns in place.

Multiple Missing Teeth Throughout an Arch

Middle-aged man smiling and giving thumbs up

Teeth do not always go missing in an orderly fashion. However, even if you are missing several teeth from different parts of your smile, you may still be able to benefit from dental implants. Depending on your unique situation, several strategically placed implants may be able to anchor a partial denture and restore your missing teeth. When you visit our office in Dayton for an initial consultation, one of our talented dentists will carefully examine your mouth to determine if an implant-supported partial denture is the best option for you.

Benefits of Implant-Retained Bridges or Partial Dentures

Dental implants are one of the most popular ways to replace one or more missing teeth. In fact, according to the American Dental Association, more than 5 million dental implants are placed each year in the United States!

It is not hard to understand the popularity of implant-supported bridges and partial dentures. They offer a number of benefits compared to traditional restorative treatments, such as:

  • Maximum Stability – Dental implants restore nearly full chewing power, which means you will be able to eat all your favorite foods once again.
  • Enhance Appearance – Dental implants stimulate the jawbone to prevent bone deterioration, helping individuals to retain their full facial profile.
  • Preserve Healthy Teeth – Implants fuse directly to the jawbone to stay in place. In contrast, traditional bridges attach to nearby healthy teeth, which requires those teeth be shaved down.
  • Long-Term Results – With proper care, dental implants in Dayton can last for several decades! Conventional bridges and partial dentures, meanwhile, typically must be replaced every 5 to 15 years.