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Direct Bonding in Dayton

Closeup of healthy flawless smile

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, Drs. Quinttus, Budde, and Sullivan are thrilled to help you with dental bonding in Dayton, Ohio! Dental bonding is a quick, affordable procedure that our dentists can use to repair a number of flaws in your teeth. Please feel free to contact our team at Rahn Dental Group and schedule an appointment if you have any questions about any of our services.

Dental bonding is usually recommended for teeth that are chipped, cracked, discolored, misshapen, or that have gaps between them. It is one of the more conservative cosmetic treatments available. Dental bonding takes only a single visit to our friendly practice, requiring almost no preparation.

During your treatment, our dentist will place a composite resin directly onto your tooth structure. This resin is carefully selected to match the natural color of your teeth and is occasionally chosen as a whitening method. Our dentists will then shape and sculpt the resin to fit your tooth and correct any flaws. After the shaping process, the resin will be hardened, trimmed, and polished to provide a long-lasting cosmetic restoration for your smile.

We invite you to call us at (937) 435-0324 today for more information on dental bonding and to make your appointment with one of our caring dentists.