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Digital X-Rays in Dayton

Digital x-rays on computer screen

Drs. Quinttus, Budde, and Sullivan are devoted to offering you exceptional dental care and accurate diagnoses. In order to do so, our dentists proudly utilize digital imaging in Dayton, Ohio. At our office, we use Panorex X-rays, which provide clearer images and allow us to more accurately identify dental problems. If you would like more information about how our team at Rahn Dental Group can use digital X-rays to help you, please feel free to contact us today.

Digital radiography has forever changed the way dentists take X-rays. Using digital X-rays rather than traditional film X-rays allows us to take high-quality images faster, more comfortably, and more conveniently. Digital X-rays use a digital sensor to capture the images of your teeth and require no chemicals to develop film. Additionally, digital X-rays produce between 80-90% less radiation than traditional film X-rays, making them extremely safe.

Our dentists can instantly view the images of your teeth and jaws provided by the X-ray and use those images to diagnose all types of dental problems, including:

• Decay
• Developmental abnormalities
• Improper tooth root positioning
• Cysts
• Abscesses
• Fractures in teeth, fillings, or other restorations
• Tumors
• Infection in the tooth nerves
• Bone loss

Digital X-rays are also used in planning intensive treatments, such as root canals or dental implants.

For more information on digital X-rays, please give us a call at (937) 435-0324. We will be happy to speak with you and help you make your next appointment with our dentists.