At Rahn Dental Group, our dentists may recommend a dental crown to restore your tooth’s health and improve its appearance. This can be useful for those with weak, decayed, and irregularly shaped teeth. Drs. Quinttus, Budde, and Sullivan are eager to care for your smile and they invite you to contact us today if you would like more information about a dental crown in Dayton, Ohio.

The most common use of a dental crown, or cap, is restoring a tooth that has been significantly damaged or decayed. Crowns can also be used to protect teeth following a root canal, complete a dental implant treatment, anchor dental bridges, improve misshapen teeth, and strengthen teeth that have been fractured or weakened.

When you receive a dental crown, our dentists will create a custom crown that will fit over your entire tooth to return it to its original shape and size. Dental crowns can be made from several different materials, including gold, porcelain, or porcelain fused to metal. Porcelain dental crowns are extremely popular, as they match the natural appearance of your teeth.

To learn more about dental crowns, call our office at (937) 435-0324 today and make your appointment with our experienced dentists.