Do you snore loudly, make gagging or choking noises while you sleep, or frequently wake up tired? If so, you may be suffering from sleep apnea. If this is the case, Drs. Quinttus, Budde, and Sullivan can provide you with several treatment options to help you sleep well and avoid complications like diabetes, headaches, and depression. Our dentists invite you to contact us at Rahn Dental Group today if you would like to learn more about how we can help you with sleep apnea in Dayton, Ohio.

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by interruptions and pauses in breathing during sleep. It is essentially a more advanced and potentially dangerous form of snoring. Sleep apnea is considered obstructive, with collapsed tissues in the airway or the tongue rolling back causing blockages and difficulty in breathing. If left untreated, it can contribute to heart disease, high blood pressure, and liver problems.

The symptoms of sleep apnea include:
• Extreme drowsiness during the day
• Difficulty staying asleep at night
• Personality changing and irritability
• Snoring
• Frequent headaches in the morning
• Awakening with a very dry or sore throat

If you experience any of these symptoms, please contact our dentists, as well as your doctor, to receive treatments from a sleep physician.

Treatments for sleep apnea vary depending on the severity of the condition. Mild to moderate sleep apnea can be treated using an oral appliance. More severe conditions of sleep apnea may require more extensive care.

Please call (937) 435-0324 today to learn more about sleep apnea and make your appointment with our dental professionals.