Tuning Up Your Toothbrush

Your toothbrush never needs a software update or repairs. It is a very simple piece of equipment. It has no warranty and you never need to take it in for repairs, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need any care. With that in mind, taking care of your toothbrush is not that hard. To… Read more »

Cavity Prevention Starts with What You Put in Your Mouth

Protecting your teeth against cavities starts with what you put in your mouth. Here are some suggestions: – Try using supplementary oral cleaning tools like mouthwash and sugarless gum to clean your mouth for when brushing and flossing is not available. – Sticky and starchy foods are inclined to hang around your mouth long after… Read more »

A List of Procedures Using Dental Lasers

We’re delighted to offer our patients at in , , treatments utilizing dental lasers. Oral lasers are advanced apparatuses that work in addition to or replace traditional tools, and they have many positive side effects that traditional tools don’t. We’ve assembled the following list of oral laser procedures to help you wrap your head around… Read more »

Treating Gum Disease

When plaque builds up on your teeth, it can create inflammation in your gums. That will cause them to pull away from your teeth, allowing plaque to build up below the gumline. This early stage of gum disease, while often painless can cause serious problems, including tooth loss and the loss of bone in your… Read more »

Tooth Hazard Secrets for a Healthy Smile

Did you know that plaque buildup and harmful acids play a small role in the grand scheme of dangers to your smile? Although it is extremely wise to brush your teeth twice daily and floss every day, there are other not-so-hidden dangers that we face each and every day. Read on to learn more about… Read more »

The Oral Health Care Guidebook to Dental Crowns and Dental Veneers

Is your smile suffering from dental damage? Have you had any cracks or splits in your teeth go unprotected for a while? If so, a dental crown may be required, or in other cases, a dental veneer can be used. In order to keep your oral health care at its best, consider the following benefits of… Read more »

TMJ Disorder Symptoms Can Help Determine the Best Mode of Treatment

The temporomandibular joints that hinge your jaw are relatively complex. They work in tandem with muscles, connective tissue, and cartilage structures to allow you to open your mouth, chew food, and make a wide range of facial expressions. TMJ disorder is a blanket term used to describe discomfort or dysfunction in the temporomandibular joints. The… Read more »

Swipe Away Bad Oral Hygiene with Laser Dentistry

Although the idea of using lasers in dentistry may seem like science fiction, the truth is that lasers have been in steady use within the dental industry for over 20 years. Treatments ranging from dental fillings all the way to professional tooth whitening systems can call upon lasers to assist in safe and effective treatments… Read more »

The Right Foods for Your Smile

Do you know what the right foods for your smile are? If not, don’t feel bad because we have a treat for you! Dr. Quinttus, Dr. Budde, and Dr. Sullivan at in , , have been dedicated to helping your smile stay in tip-top health, which is why we are here to offer you advice… Read more »

There Are Simple Habits to Adopt to Reduce Your Chances of Suffering Oral Emergencies

Dental trauma and oral injuries can be painful and costly to treat. While you can never fully prevent them from befalling you, there are several simple habits you can adopt to help reduce your chances of suffering a problem. The first step is to work on breaking bad habits like chewing on objects, crunching on… Read more »